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Lantik, founded in 1981, is wholly owned by Bizkaia Provincial Council, provides the provincial institution, its dependent agencies and institutions and the local councils of Bizkaia with information services, along with running them and providing a full range of ancillary services.

Lantik aspires to be the strategic mentor of Bizkaia Provincial Council in its transformation process, by means of technological, functional and strategic advice, and the provision of integral solutions based on the use of information and knowledge technologies.

Elixabete Etxanobe Landajuela Chairman of the Board of Directors of LantikProvincial Councillor for Public Administration and Institutional Relations

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Órganos de Gobierno


It is comprised of all the representatives of the Governing Council of the Provincial Council of Biscay.


  • Unai Rementeria Maiz


  • Elixabete Etxanobe Landajuela


  • Imanol Pradales Gil
  • José María Iruarrizaga Artaraz
  • Lorea Bilbao Ibarra
  • Amaia Antxustegi Ziarda
  • Ainara Basurko Urkiri
  • Teresa Laespada Martínez
  • Sergio Murillo Corzo
  • Miguel Ángel Gómez Viar
  • President:

    • Elixabete Etxanobe Landajuela
  • Vice-President:

    • Ibon Oñate Zamalloa
  • Secretary:

    • Javier Cortazar Larrakoetxea
  • Members:

    • Josu Bilbao Begoña
    • Pedro Izaga Alonso
    • Maite Asensio de la Villa
    • Cesar Prol Bosque
    • Susana González Romulo
    • Jon Larrea Arrutia
    • Xabier Arauzo Uriarte
    • Maite Iturrate Ibarra
    • Joseba Mirena Mariezkurrena Cuesta
    • Angel Anero Murga




Lantik, S.A.M.P. is a provincial commercial enterprise attached to the Department of Public Administration and Institutional Relations that seeks to implement IT and technology institutions in the Provincial Council of Biscay and its dependent bodies.

The enterprise has the status of an instrument of Bizkaiako Foru Aldundia / Provincial Council of Biscay, which may, either directly or through other powers awarded or legal persons controlled in the same way, confer obligatory assignments thereto.

It was set up in 1981 by the Provincial Council of Biscay as a public limited company, and has carried on its internal activities under the Provincial Council of Biscay since then, providing human resources specialized in information technologies, which allow it, among others, to:

  1. Plan and implement IT systems policies as defined by the PCB
  2. Provide comprehensive solutions to provincial and local authorities based on the use of ICT.
  3. Acquire competitive, renowned technology products, services and know-how that is documented for its markets and customers.
  4. Maintain an active position of leadership in the approach to and resolution of the organisation, functioning and development needs of tomorrow’s public authorities.