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Equality Plan

Lantik is committed to establishing and implementing policies that include equal treatment of and opportunities for women and men, without directly or indirectly discriminating on the grounds of sex, as well as to drive and foster measures to ensure real equality within our organisation. This is achieved by establishing equal opportunities for women and men as a strategic principle of our Corporate and Human Resources Policy, pursuant to the definition of those principles established by Act 3/2007, of 22 March, regarding the effective equality between women and men, and following the general principles established in the Gender Equality Act 4/2005, of 18 February.

In each and every one of the fields where Lantik works, from selection to promotion, and including wage policy, training, working conditions and employment, occupational health, and work life balance, we abide by the principle of equal opportunities for women and men. There is a special emphasis on indirect discrimination, which is taken to be "the situation where an apparently neutral provision, criterion or practice puts a person of one sex at a particular disadvantage with respect to persons of another sex”.

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