Lantik S.A.M.P. wishes to ensure you receive the best attention,whether you come to see us or if you call us or send us an email.

You will find in this section all our contact details, along with how to reach our facilities. If you come to see us, please pay attention, for your convenience and safety, to the Evacuation Plan andVisitor Protocol sections.

We will be in contact with you

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We are at Avenida Sabino Arana, 44, 48013 Bilbao

944 068 900

How to reach us

Plan de evacuacion

Emergency Plan

Make sure you read it for your own safety!

If you are told to evacuate the building, please take the following recommendations into account for your own safety, and in case of possible emergencies


Do notrun

It is very important to always remain calm


Disconnect the equipment

You must unplug the electrical equipment and disconnect inflammable devices or any using gas, and leave the place or work station safely.


Look for instructions

Pay attention to the signage and plans on display


Follow the instructions

Follow the instructions of the people in charge of the evacuation and alarm equipment, otherwise follow the emergency signals


Do not use the lift

You must go down using the stairs and keeping as close to the wall as possible.


Do not go back

During the evacuation, do not return to collect personal items or look for other people


Leave the building

You must do so as quickly as possible but without running.


Go to the assembly point

Walk to the other side of the street (assembly point) and wait until everyone has been counted.

Protocolo de visitantes

Visitor Protocol

Delighted to welcome you

If you visit us, when you reach the Lantik reception desk, you must follow these instructions:

Identify yourself

with your ID card, indicating the company to which you belong and which Lantik employee you want to visit

Your data

will be recorded by the security staff at reception

They will notify

the person you are visiting to come down to meet you