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Communications network of Bizkaia Provincial Council

The common connection point of the Bizkaia Provincial Council is at Lantik S.A.. Its main characteristics are:

  • Common point (star) in the Lantik DPCs.
  • Redundant fibre optic connection between DPCs, with dual provider.
  • Redundant fibre optic connection between Provincial Council companies and departments with dual provider.
  • Redundant access to corporate Internet with different operator dual line.
  • Remote location connection by means of private MPLS private networks. Redundant networks with dual operator, allowing connection of a location to both operators for high availability. Different access types supported:
    • Ethernet Accesses
    • Point-to-point accesses
    • Cable Modem, ADSL, VDLS and FTTH asymmetric accesses.
    • Wireless accesses by means of radiolink, wimax, 3G and satellite.
  • Remote access online by means of IPSec/SSL.
  • Wireless access in some provincial buildings.

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Host infrastructure

The Host infrastructure consists of:

2 mainframe central computers.
State-of-the art mainframes offering high availability with enhanced performance and operating with minimum ecological impact due to its design focused on reducing energy consumption.
2 disk storage arrays.
They have synchronous date remote replication.
2 automated cartridge storage libraries.
Both automated cartridge storage libraries have high availability thanks to which they have redundant dual accessor and library manager.


The printer fleet includes several models with the following characteristics:

Laser with highlight colour printing.
Speed: 112 ppm (single-colour)/180 ppm
A4/A3 single page, highlight colour and AFIG.
Speed: 7200 inserts/hour
A4 single inserts, L to C5 envelopes
Acknowledgements printer
Speed: 5000 envelopes / hour
Characteristics: Printing of acknowledgements in envelopes by means of inkjet printing



The following server characteristics should be mentioned:

  • The total number of physical servers is 143 and there are 349 virtual ones.
  • They are hosted in racks with dual electricity power source and redundant internal disk.
  • Open source and proprietary operating systems.
  • Antivirus protection.
  • Centralised back-up copies.
  • Services that they provide: Internet, Intranet, Mail, Network Files, Web Applications, Database, Virtualisation, etc.


As regards storage, it should be noted that it is centralised and shared by the servers.

The storage arrays are duplicated (DPC1, DPC2). The information updating is replicated, in real time and between both arrays.

Two types of disks: SCSI (critical), SATA (others)


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