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Legal Framework

Lantik, S.A. is a single member company, exclusively held by the Regional Government of Biscay, and was set up in 1981 in order to provide data processing systems to the regional Institution, and to those bodies and institutions that depend on the same, and to the Town Halls of Biscay. It is also in charge of exploiting these issues and providing all kinds of related services.

Currently, Lantik, S.A. channels its relationship with its clients through the signing of successive agreements that are framed coming under the provisions of the Provincial Order 1305/2015 of 18 June (Spanish Official Gazette (BOE) 7 July 2015), whereby the regulations that audit expenses as regards the celebration of agreements and the granting of aids and public subsidies of the Regional Government of Biscay and its Regional Autonomous Bodies have been approved.

To this avail, and despite the fact that the framework might always be the same -, agreement framework and subsequent development through annual agreements-, there are various types of agreement models, depending on the nature of the entity or institution to which Lantik offers its services:

  1. Regional Government of Biscay.
  2. Autonomous Regional Bodies.
  3. Town Halls of Biscay.


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