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Filling job positions

FASE 2: Publicación de relación definitiva de aspirantes admitidos (Publicado el 24 de julio de 2018)

FASE 1: Presentación y publicación de aspirantes (Publicado el 17 de julio de 2018)
FASE 2: Comprobación del cumplimiento de requisitos exigidos y publicación de la relación de personas admitidas y personas excluidas, indicando la causa de exclusión (Publicado el 17 de julio de 2018)

FASE 3: Evaluación de méritos y pruebas y su publicación (Publicado el 17 de julio de 2018)
Las pruebas acordadas como mérito (examen) tendrán lugar el jueves 26 de julio 2018, a las 16:30 horas en el edificio de Lantik, S.A. (Sabino Arana 44, 48013 Bilbao)

This public-sector computer services company has to fill the following posts in order to cover the needs arising in the company:


Two (2) Technicians on an indefinite contract associated to the formalisation of relief contracts

One (1) Technician on a temporary contract arising from the formalisation of relief contracts


Desirable attributes:

Terms: Starting immediately, indefinite employment contract (associated to the formalisation of relief contracts) for two (2) of the positions indicated and temporary employment contract (arising from the formalisation of relief contracts) for one (1) of positions indicated; along with economic remuneration according to the characteristics and responsibilities of the positions.

When submitting the application, the applicants should expressly state their preference for the indefinite posts and/or the temporary ones. Two lists will therefore be generated.

The individuals on the second list (temporary posts) who have not been selected for the position in question will be added to a temporary job bank to address the potential organisational needs of the company, to be covered exclusively on the basis of temporary contract, ranked according to the order of precedence from higher to lower final score.

Applications or requests shall be submitted electronically through the www.lantik.bizkaia.eus (FILLING LANTIK, S.A. JOB POSITIONS), or pursuant to the Common Administrative Procedure of the Public Administration Act 39/2015, of 1 October, within seven calendar days from the official publication of this call on the aforementioned Lantik website.



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